Brokerage and Investment

Southeast Property Management can offer you the benefit of extensive experience in all areas of brokerage and investment. Our full service approach allows us to consult with our clients with a knowledge that comes only from understanding all aspects of commercial real estate. Our firm has a unique approach to investment property that brings together clients that are selling investment or income producing property, with other clients who are seeking to invest in commercial real estate.

Our knowledge comes from our many years of experience beginning with development of one of the first office parks in the area and now extends throughout Miami-Dade county and into other areas of commercial development and consulting.

Owner Representation

If you need to sell or lease your property, Southeast Property is here to assist you. We are always looking for land and office and warehouse space to sell or lease to our customers and would be pleased to meet with you and arrange a way to sell or lease your property on your terms. By focusing on the South Miami-Dade area we provide you the attention and service that you deserve. Please feel free to contact one of our agents to set up an appointment.

Tenant Representation

Whether you are looking for land, an office or warehouse space for investment purposes or for your own business, we have the necessary resources and experience to assist you. We have become the leader in sales and leasing of commercial property southern Miami-Dade through extensive research and work in this market. Because we have an office in this area, we can provide you with a level of expertise and service that no other broker can offer.

Property Management

By providing a higher level of customer service and listening to the owners, we have managed to expand our inventory of property under management. We will handle the day to day operations of maintaining your property and handle as much or as little as you desire and customize a plan that suits your needs.

We have many years of experience in handling office and warehouse condominium associations. Consequently, we have the personnel and experience necessary to operate effectively with the people and circumstances that are involved in managing an office or warehouse property.

Our Philosophy

We will work diligently on behalf of our clients and customers to provide a level of product and service in our market area that no one else can provide. We will always provide honest and forthright consulting and remain committed to building strong relationships with our clients and customers.

We will strive to continually serve our customers beyond each transaction and provide service that exceeds expectations. We will continue to help build the finest commercial neighborhoods in Miami-Dade county.

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